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On September 6, 2002, a bunch of Saturn Performance Club members attended "Eve of Destruction" at Marshfield Super Speedway.  The track is a half-mile asphalt oval, and is located in Marshfield, WI.  Alex P, Bryce A, Ben P, and Amie A made the trip from MN to join me at this year's mayhem.

Marshfield Super Speedway (21k)
Marshfield Super Speedway

If you haven't recently read my description of last year's Eve of Destruction event, please take a look HERE first.  It will give you some background as to what goes on and the cast of characters.  :)

One of the evening's events was burnout contest, where each car puts 2 wheels against a parking curb, while the drive wheels are on a large metal plate.  The cars roast the tires for 30 seconds, and the crowd judges who the contest winner is at the end. There was an insane amount of smoke, and we were witness to several tires exploding throughout the event.


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Click the link below for some video of the winning Olds 442 blowing a tire.  Be sure to turn up your sound.

.AVI (requires Indeo codec) - 1.1 meg

Indeo 5 codec can be downloaded HERE.


Jump 1 (34k)

In addition to many of the same events that occured last year (which I won't go into here), we were witness to local Saturn owner, racer, and amateur stuntman Rodney once again entertaining the crowd.  He has a talent for turning cars into airborne projectiles.  Above you can see the ramp and ten cars set up in front of the infield lake, ready for his first jump.


Here's some video of Rodney jumping ten cars with an SL2 and landing in the lake.

.AVI (requires Indeo codec) - 670k

Indeo 5 codec can be downloaded HERE.


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Jump 2 (48k)

Later, the ramp was moved onto the front straight, and 7 cars and a motor home (check out the bull's eye) were moved into position.

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Click the link below video of Rodney jumping a stretch limo over 7 cars and into the motor home.

.AVI (requires Indeo codec) - 770k

Indeo 5 codec can be downloaded HERE.



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