The 2003 SPC Rally

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The 2003 Saturn Performance Club Rally

The Saturn Performance Club is a group of die-hard Saturn enthusiasts dedicated to taking their cars and driving ability to the next level. The annual club rally begins its journey each summer from Chicago, IL, and brings many enthusiastic owners with custom and performance-modified Saturns from all around the U.S.  You can take a look at my pictures from previous club rallys in my site's Archives section.

The 2003 rally was the club's sixth, and was held in Spring Hill, Tennessee from May 22 through May 26, 2003.  Members attended from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan, Connecticut, Missouri, Washington, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

Kentucky sign


The Drive South

The club's first Rally was held in 1998 in Spring Hill, Tennessee.  This year, we decided to once again head South and visit the Saturn plant - the birthplace of the cars we drive.


It was a long drive for many of us, but the majority of people didn't mind.  After all - we're car people!  What better way to enjoy and appreciate your car than to drive it across the country with a bunch of your friends.  Some people also took this opportunity to visit relatives and friends along the way.

On the road


Tennessee signNashville
Entering Tennessee, and driving through Nashville.

The drive seemed to go by pretty quickly, probably due to the fact that most people drove in groups and had FRS radios to talk to each other along the way.

The weather for much of our trip was excellent, with temperatures in the low 70s for most of our time in Tennessee.


Checking inMeeting Mike Kramer

The group stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in Franklin, Tennessee, which is only about ten minutes from Spring Hill.

Saturn racer Michael Kramer met us at the hotel on Thursday evening (May 22) to say Hi, and to talk about the events that were planned.  In addition to road racing a SC2 in SCCA's showroom stock class (you can visit his website HERE), Mike also works at the Saturn media center and helped to organize our activities that would be held on the Saturn plant grounds.

Dinner and drinks on Thursday evening were at Logan's Roadhouse, where people got to socialize and finally meet face-to-face.  Until now, many have only known each other by their online names or e-mail addresses.

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to get a good night's rest.  We would have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow.

Dinner at Logan's
Kevin always seems to have a beverage in hand...

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