The 2004 SPC Rally

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The 2004 Saturn Performance Club Rally

The Saturn Performance Club is a group of die-hard Saturn enthusiasts dedicated to taking their cars and driving ability to the next level. The annual club rally begins its journey each summer from Chicago, IL, and brings many enthusiastic owners with custom and performance-modified Saturns from all around the U.S.  You can take a look at my pictures from previous club rallys in my site's Archives section.

The 2004 rally was the club's seventh, and was held in Michigan from July 28 through July 31, 2004.  Members attended from Wisconsin, Illinois, Connecticut, Ohio, Michigan, Louisiana, Missouri, Massachusetts, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Tow vehicles at the hotel.



Chris T's race trailer.


On the evening of Tuesday, July 27, participants began arriving at our hotel in Yorkville IL.  In addition to the majority of street-driven Saturns,
we saw a few more this year arriving on trailers that were too mean and nasty to be driven on the street.


One car really stood out in the hotel parking lot.  This SL2 had chrome spinner hubcaps, and a ton of stickers all over it.  It didn't quite fit in with the rest of the crowd because it just screamed rice.  It turns out that Deebs took his otherwise plain-looking daily driver 2001 SL2 and made it special just for this week.  From that point forward, it was named "the blingmobile".  After all, it is the shiznit.

Click HERE for video of the spinners in motion (252 kb).  Note that this clip doesn't have any sound.  Video requires DIVX 5 codec to play - info/download HERE.

After finding somewhere nearby to eat, many turned in early in preparation for how early we'd have to be up the next day.

Hahn Racecraft Tour
On Wednesday, July 28, we visited Hahn Racecraft for a tour of the facilities.  Hahn specializes in fabricating turbo kits for many brands of FWD domestic vehicles.


A view of the shop area.


A pile of turbo housings awaiting assembly.

While many companies may doing this same thing, Hahn goes a step further.  Each system comes with a one year unconditional unlimited-mileage warranty.


One of the vehicles the shop has put together for auto trade shows is an Ion. Under the hood you'll find a custom turbo system as well as nitrous oxide.  The body kit is available on Saturn Motorsports' website.





Hahn has also worked his magic on this VUE.  It has undergone one hell of a drop, and also uses a custom-fabricated turbo setup.


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