Chicago Auto Show '04

The Saturn Performance Club got together for the weekend of February 14, 2004, to attend the Chicago Auto Show, race slot cars, play some games at Gameworks, and take a look at MSR Racing's one-of-a-kind Formula Vee race car under construction.  Photos can be seen from previous auto show weekend activities in the archives section.

Attendees for this weekend's activities included Deebs, Tapp, Lane, Kevin K, Oolan Z, Jarett & Melissa, Matt B, Wally & Julie, Christena S & James.  Members from 5 states (WI, MI, OH, IL, MO) made the effort to drive to Chicago to get together for the weekend.

Slot Car Racing
One of the first things we did when we got together was to go head-to-head in some slot car racing at Dynamic Slot Cars in Countryside IL.  You can't beat the amount of entertainment they provide for about $8 an hour.  Be sure to bring along your best trash talk.

When club members get together in Chicago, this is one of our favorite activities.  You can see more slot car action from prior events in my event archives.


New track
Admiring the new track that was just added.

Let's race


It's not easy getting around the track as fast as possible without flying off.  And it really hurts your lap time when you have to drop your controller and go put your car back on the track.


Here you can see Deebs discussing the finer points of drag racing with several of the ladies.



Drag racing 101




We'd also head to Giordano's on Friday night for some real Chicago-style pizza.  Clockwise, left to right in photo: Jarett, Melissa, Matt B, Kevin K, Julie & Wally, Christena & James, and Tapp.


On Saturday morning, the group was up bright and early for breakfast at a local restaraunt.  Then we hopped in Deebs' Tahoe and Jarett & Melissa's VUE and made our way downtown to the show, which was being held at McCormick Place.




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