The 2006 SPC Rally

SPC Logo (6k)The 2006 Saturn Performance Club Rally

The Saturn Performance Club is a group of die-hard Saturn enthusiasts dedicated to taking their cars and driving ability to the next level. The annual club rally begins its journey each summer from Chicago, IL, and brings many enthusiastic owners with custom and performance-modified Saturns from all around the U.S.  You can take a look at my pictures from previous club Rallys in my site's Archives section.

The 2006 Rally was the club's ninth annual.  It is hard to believe that so many years have gone by.


Participants began arriving at our hotel in Joliet IL on the evening of Tuesday, August 1.  Not much usually happens on this night before all the action is scheduled to start, other than dinner with a great bunch of friends that also look forward to this club event each year.

After a good night's sleep, we were up early on Wednesday morning (August 2) to get on the road to the dragstrip which was a bit more than an hour away.

But first, we were were greeted in the parking lot by the local police.  It's only the first day, and already someone gets pinched!

Luckily, nobody was hauled away (this time).  Kevin K had phoned the police to report that someone had backed into his car during the night and cracked the driver's side front fender.  The damage wasn't serious enough to prevent Kevin from participating in the week's track events.

Here we see Jeff and Denise P.  They drove all the way from Connecticut to Joliet IL in their beautiful black SC2.  Jeff was having some issues with the car and was taking a look.





Deebs rolls into the parking lot in a car a few years newer than the one we'd hoped to see.  It's a '98 with the special pearl white paint - the most striking color that you'll ever see on a Saturn.  And while his yellow race car is undergoing some upgrades, a number of its parts have made it onto this one.  In fact, the car received an automatic to manual trans swap (with a Torsen LSD), and a motor rebuild only days before the Rally.
Mike N drove his white 92 SL2 down from Milwaukee after just getting back from a trip to Oregon.  Wow, that's a long way to travel to hang out with a bunch of guys and gals with the same affliction.

Next to Mike, we see Tapp's red SC2.  We were all surprised to see any vehicle of his that didn't have duct tape holding something together, so we had to cut him a little bit of slack for the lack of headlight covers.



After we were finished checking out everyone's cars in the hotel parking lot, it was time to leave for the dragstrip.


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