Chicago Auto Show '06

The Saturn Performance Club got together for the weekend of February 18, 2006, to attend the Chicago Auto Show and discuss plans for the club's upcoming 2006 Rally.  Photos can be seen from previous auto show weekend activities in the archives section.

Attendees for this weekend's activities included Tapp, Kevin K, Deebs, Lane, Doug, Francine, Jon S & Melissa, and Daniel.  Members from 5 states (WI, KY, IL, IN, MO) made the effort to drive to Chicago to get together for the weekend.

A handful of us arrived on Friday night, and had a great meal at The Patio restaurant in Darien, IL.  We took the opportunity to discuss plans for the upcoming club Rally during an enjoyable meal.  Then it was back to the hotel, where we'd meet more arrivals and have some time to socialize before turning in for the night.


On Saturday morning, we all loaded into as few vehicles as possible and drove downtown to the show, which was being held at McCormick Place.  As always, traffic wasn't fun and the show was jam-packed with people.



The first display that the group visited was none other than the Saturn display (of course).  We decided on a time that we would all meet back here, and then everyone scattered to take in all of the beautiful cars.

The "Sky Experience" did a great job of highlighting the car.  A small dark room behind this big red wall contained a projector and a unique multimedia show.  The projector was focused onto the side of a silver car, and talked about the engineering and components that went into the design of the car - all while projecting views onto the car which made it look like we were looking into it's inner workings.


There were a lot of people taking a close look at this car.  After all, it is very different than every other car that Saturn has produced in the past.




Click HERE for a larger photo.


Click HERE for a larger photo.

In dark blue, this car was absolutely gorgeous.  It is one beautiful automobile.


The design of the interior and the materials used look very nice, and give it an expensive feel - more than what you'd expect for a car that will sell in the low $20k range.




Click HERE for a larger photo.

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