Flag (1k) 92 SC has a New Owner - 8/17/2008


Once the Atom had arrived in the garage in July of 2007 and I was sure that it was there to stay, it was time to begin considering who the new owner, driver, and caretaker of the '92 would be.  By this time, I hadn't driven it in any track events for almost a year.  It would surely be a sad day when it is sold, but the car needs to be in the hands of someone who will take good care of it as well as flog it on the track for all it's worth.

I didn't really advertise the car for sale other than mentioning it to a few close friends that I knew regularly participated in track events.  I did recall that a few years prior, I had a passenger that rode along in the '92 while at the track.  After exiting the co-pilot's seat after a 20-minute session, one of the first things he'd said to me was, "If you ever sell this car, give me a call...".  While I knew it was unlikely that he'd even remember it, I thought it was worth a shot.  I made the call.

After some discussion, a price was agreed upon and the deal was done.  With nothing other than his memory of a ride several years ago, and taking a look at my website, a commitment was made to buy the car.

Fellow Saturn Performance Club member Mike N (from Milwaukee, WI) is the new owner of my '92.  Congrats Mike, I know it is in good hands and that you'll not only take great care of it, but drive it like it was meant to be driven.

Mike's mint-condition '92 SL2, and a wallet photo of a Sky.

And speaking of driving, Mike's "test drive" (even though after the purchase) and very first time behind the wheel took place on 8/17/2008 for an autocross at USA International Raceway in Shawano, WI.  Here are some photos from the event - click any of them for a larger version.


Mike's first time behind the wheel.

Both cars ready to go.

Lifting a rear wheel.

Backside of the track.  Click here for video.  
You can see more photos and video from this event in my Atom gallery HERE.

Since the '92 is under new ownership, I regret that I will have no further updates for it on this website.  My '94 will remain with me for the forseeable future, and all of my work on the '92 will stay on this website for archival purposes.  Meanwhile, the Atom is seeing a lot of use and a bit of work here-and-there, so check out my site for it if you haven't already.


* Special thanks to Chad D from the Central Wisconsin Sports Car Club for some of the outstanding photos you see above.  You can see more of his work HERE.


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