1Lap at Gingerman Raceway - 5/13/2000


The grid (39k)
Beautiful cars as far as the eye can see.

On May 13, 2000, several Saturn Performance Club members made the trip to Gingerman Raceway in South Haven Michigan to witness the last few events in the famous One Lap of America race.

If you're not familiar with One Lap, it's a race sponsored by Michelin and Car & Driver that is the modern day equivalent of the Cannonball (made famous in the movies).  One Lap takes place over the course of a week and includes racing events held at many tracks throughout the U.S.  The schedule is very demanding on both the drivers and on the cars, as they cover more than 4000 miles in just 8 days.  If you'd like more details, take a look at the interesting history on the One Lap website.

In 2000, 113 cars participated in eight classes.  Cars are categorized by their base price without including the cost of modifications.  The week included 16 racing events across the U.S.


Yates (18k)
Brock Yates & his brother.

One Lap was founded and continues to be run by Brock Yates, who is now a writer and an editor for Car & Driver magazine.


A police car whose driver enjoyed smoky burnouts and did a lap with the lights and siren on.


Cop (15k)


Audi (21k)Caddy (17k)

A beautiful Audi, and a Mosler TwinStar (a Cadillac Eldorado with two engines).


Lightning (22k)


A Ford F150 Lightning.

A 7.4 liter RennTech Mercedes.



Mercedes (14k)

Mini (26k)

An Austin Mini.  I think it might fit inside the Chevy Suburban parked behind it.



As spectators, we enjoyed full access to the grid, paddock, and pit area, and were able to take a close look at the cars and talk to the drivers.  The variety of cars entered in the race was amazing - those that stood out include a handful of Shelby Cobras, Austin Mini, a twin-engine Cadillac, two Chevy Impala Police cars, Ferrari, Dodge Ram, Ford F150 Lightning, Nissan Skyline, a bunch of Audi S4s, a smallblock Chevy Blazer, and two Saturns (of course).

There was also a major aftermarket tuner presence, with cars being driven by Steve Dinan (BMW), John Hennessey (Viper Venom), and Chuck Mallett (Corvette).  There were also cars by RennTech (Mercedes), and Lingenfelter (twin-turbo Corvette).

It was truly enjoyable to be able to stand trackside just behind the guard rail and watch and listen to the cars blow by nearing redline on the front straight.

My picks for the best sounding cars of the day:
  1.  Toyota Supra Twin-Turbo, with 500+ horsepower (ahh, the sound of boost)
  2.  Oldsmobile Aurora
  3.  Shelby Cobra


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