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Aluminum Air Intake

Until now, I've had both Hotshot and Injen intakes on both of the cars.  Every so often, I'd read on one of the various Saturn message forums that someone had come upon an aluminum model.  I put the word out that I was looking for one used, and picked up the one at the right (top right, prior to powdercoating).  Sure enough, it was aluminum and provided a nice weight savings compared to other similar steel models.  While the Hotshot weighs 4.5 lbs, the aluminum model weighs only 1.2 lbs - giving a weight savings of about 3 lbs.  When asked where he bought it, the person I got it from suggested to take a look on eBay.  There are quite a few available out there, and they run quite a bit less money than their steel brand-name counterparts.

Added 7/2005

Larger pic HERE.

Done 7/2005

Fuel Injector Test / Cleaning Service

Due to some problems I was having with the nitrous system that I thought may have been related to fuel mixture, I decided to send my injectors out for service.  A quick web search brought up a number of companies that offered services, and their prices varied quite a bit.  I decided to send mine to PTR Injection, mainly because their website had a great explanation of what they do, their expected turnaround time was short, and their cost was low.  For about $80 they will flow test a set of 4 injectors, replace parts that need it (including all O-rings, which run more than $80 from Saturn), clean them ultrasonically, and then re-test their flow.  The before and after tests on my injectors showed that the cleaning was needed and did make a difference. The time from when I sent them out to the time that I had them back in the car was under a week.

Click the chart at the left for a larger view.

This is probably not a service that most average enthusiasts will choose to have done.  If the vehicle starts and runs smoothly, I doubt that a person would feel the need to.  But, if you're looking to be certain that the [high-mileage] parts you already have are working their absolute best (rather than buying new ones) - or if a fuel-related problem while you're using nitrous, a turbo, or a supercharger could end up wrecking your motor - then this service is well-worth the effort and cost.


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