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I started this website in November of 1997, mainly just to share a few audio system pictures with friends.  Since then, it's evolved to include much of the performance-oriented tinkering that I enjoy doing, and detailed coverage of many Saturn Performance Club events & activities.

This website is made up of:

318+ pages
3005+ pictures, images, videos, and sounds
803+ links
around 210 megabytes worth of stuff total

... but, there are a few things you will not find here:

riceboy image/attitude, and the stereotypical bolt-on parts that go with it...
big-ass wings, exhaust tips, ground effects, altezza-style lights, neon, Home Depot wire mesh front grilles, cut springs, or lots of vinyl
street racing
props, shizzle, peeps, shiznit, biatch, wazzup, nizzle, hotties, hoopties, whatever...

... which just don't fit my style or interests.

If you like my site, even just a little bit, please sign the guestbook and introduce yourself.  I don't put all this stuff out here for myself to look at, ya know.

About the video...

The video on this website is in two formats: Intel Indeo 5.10, and DivX 5.1.1.  I had originally chosen Indeo since many PCs will already have it installed.  I later switched to DivX because it offers much better quality in a lot less space.  If you have any problems playing either of the formats, you should install (or re-install) the video codec.  You can find them here:  Indeo, DivX.

Special Thanks

Many people out there seem to be on a quest to bolt on every aftermarket part made, knowing it will make their car much much faster (so don't even try to tell them it may not be true!).  As much as I wish that were the case, it's not.  There are a handful of people out there who have come to know what works through long-term experience and getting their hands dirty.  I really want to thank a few of these people who continue to answer questions and offer help.   These are people who go beyond e-mail - I've met them in person, driven on the track with them, and even met their families.  All because of a common interest we share.

 James Walker, Team scR - brake systems engineer and Saturn racer.  http://www.teamscr.com
 Deebs, voice of the Saturn Performance Club - every Saturn owner should have his persistence and determination... http://www.saturnperformanceclub.com
 Tapp, mechanic and evil craftsman - if he's near your car, hide the duct tape and pat him down for concealed tools.  His mind is one of those responsible for http://www.saturnperformanceclub.com
John C at SPS - he picked our cars to start a business around.  After all, if he wanted to make money, he'd be selling Honda parts. http://www.spswebpage.com

To them, and to everyone else who shares this hobby and puts everything they have into it - thanks.


Me (6k)
About the Author

In my normal life, I'm an Information Systems Analyst for an insurance company.  I've got a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems (specifically Data Communications) and Psychology, from a University of Wisconsin college.  I'm in my 30s, and live in Central Wisconsin.  Other stuff I enjoy: electronics, reading, travel, music & audio, woodworking, and anything mechanical where I have the opportunity to get my hands dirty.  And cars too, but you've probably guessed that by now.


A Few Memorable Pictures
Visiting the Cliffs of Moher on Ireland's western coast with a few of the guys.  Behind O'Brien's Tower is a drop of 650 feet and a spectacular view of the Atlantic ocean.

You can see photos & video from our trip HERE.


O'Brien's Tower (12k)

Olds (26k)

My last (and most memorable) car was a '79 Olds Cutlass Supreme in near-mint condition.  It had a transplanted '67 Olds Rocket 350 (back when they had real power), Carter 550 carb, Accel HEI ignition, 30 over w/internal work, and lots 'o horsepower.


I had a chance to see a bit of Europe while attending college in Munich (Germany) on a semester abroad.  This is a picture next to the Most bridge in Prague, Czech Republic.  A large part of the movie Mission Impossible was filmed here (you may remember all the bridge scenes in the movie).


Prague (30k)

Snowboarding (22k)  
In Austria snowboarding in the Alps.


Leaving my mark on the Berlin Wall.  Not much of it remains today. 



The Wall (33k)


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