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Who are these people anyway?

The Saturn Performance Club was the first independent performance-oriented Saturn club on the scene.  It is geared toward the owner who is looking to gain driving experience and seat time out on the track, as well as those looking to make real improvements to their car's performance and their driving ability.  Our motto says it all - we're "the club that DOES stuff."

The SPC hosts many activities, including an annual rally where owners get together from around the country for all forms of automotive and track-related events.  If you're interested in joining in on the fun, visit the Club's site and watch for updates on future activities.

Let's go (48k)
Taken at one of our Gingerman Raceway lapping sessions.

Lane/Saturn Plant-Rally 98 (5k)
The Lunatic Fringe-Rally 99 (5k)
SPS Concept-99 Auto Show (5k)
Deebs wrenchin'-Rally 99 (5k)
scR Race Car-Gingerman 8/99 (5k)
Jamin-Gingerman 11/99 (5k)
Wild Bill-Gingerman 11/99 (5k)
Finish Line-Gingerman 11/99 (5k)
Rental!-Rally 99 (3k)
Jamin Dyno-Rally 99 (5k)
Thundersport car-Rally 98 (5k)
Smoky burnout-SPC Ireland Trip (3k)

My Event Archives

The events listed below a few that I have been able to attend and take photos.  Unfortunately, it's tough to get across the excitement, adrenalin, and good times in just a few photographs.

Chicago Auto Show '08 2/8/2008 - Chicago, IL
Coverage provided by Kevin K: write-up, photos.

Rally 2007 5/16/2007 - Joliet, IL
Chicago Auto Show '07 2/16/2007 - Chicago, IL

Rally 2006 8/1/2006 - Joliet, IL
SPC Dyno Day 4/29/2006 - Rockdale, IL

Chicago Auto Show '06 2/18/2006 - Chicago, IL

Rally 2005 7/27/2005 - Joliet, IL
Chicago Auto Show '05 2/18/2005 - Chicago, IL

Rally 2004 7/28/2004 - Chicago, IL
Chicago Auto Show '04 2/14/2004 - Chicago, IL

Rally 2003 5/22/2003 - Spring Hill, TN
Chicago Auto Show '03
2/22/2003 - Chicago, IL

Gingerman Raceway w/ Speedtrial USA 10/20/2002 - South Haven, MI
Rally 2002 8/3/2002 - Chicago, IL
2002 One Lap of America
5/4/2002 - Indianapolis, IN
Chicago Auto Show '02
2/15/2002 - Chicago, IL

Gingerman Raceway w/ Speedtrial USA 10/20/2001 - South Haven, MI
Rally 2001 6/29/2001 - Chicago, IL
2001 One Lap of America 5/6/2001 - Central MI
SPC Project Car Status
3/24/2001 - Chicago, IL
Gingerman Raceway w/ Speedtrial USA
3/31 - 4/1/2001 - South Haven, MI
Chicago Auto Show '01
2/17/2001 - Chicago, IL
Trip to Ireland
- Lahinch, Co. Clare, Ireland  1/27/2001

Putnam Park Road Course w/ SPS 10/28/2000 - Mount Meridian, IN
Gingerman Raceway w/ SpeedTrial USA 10/8/2000 - South Haven, MI

Rally 2000 6/13/2000 - Chicago, IL
Solo 1 Driver School at Blackhawk Farms Raceway
5/27/2000 - Rockton, IL
1999 One Lap of America at Gingerman Raceway 5/13/2000 - South Haven, MI
Gingerman Raceway w/ SpeedTrial USA 4/8/2000 - South Haven, MI
Putnam Park Road Course
3/2000- Mount Meridian, IN
Chicago Auto Show '00 2/2000 - Chicago, IL

Gingerman Raceway w/ SpeedTrial USA 11/99 - South Haven, MI
Gingerman Raceway w/ BEST Racing 8/99 - South Haven, MI
Rally '99 - Chicago, IL
Chicago Auto Show '99

Rally '98 - Spring Hill, TN

Upcoming Events

Take a look at the SPC website's main page for an up-to-date event schedule.

In Print

Autoweek Magazine - SPC Rally
Democrat & Rochester Chronicle - Member Jamin Cummings in One Lap of America Race
Grassroots Motorsports Magazine - SPC lapping day ad
Chicago Tribune - car club article
Super Street Magazine - SPC article
Car Country News - '98 Rally article


David's Car-Gingerman 11/99 (5k)Road Trip-Rally 98 (5k)SPC Parts Car (5k)Rental!-Gingerman 4/2000 (3k)One Lap of America-5/2000 (4k)Airborne-SPC Ireland Trip (4k)



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