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Sources of tech info & links

Mobileaudio The definitive WWW car audio site
The WWW Car Audio Forum Take part in the discussion in several message areas
Custom Car Stereo A great source of technical info and how-to One damn nice site with lots of install pics.
Car Accessories Webring
Car Hi-fi Webring
Car Audio Competition Webring

NerdWorld Automobile Audio
YAHOO's Car Audio

AudioSeek Search Engine
Car Audio Newsgroup

 Installations & Misc

Elite Car Audio
The Subwoofer DIY Page
Emerson's Complete Car Audio Site
Steve's Audio-related Website List

The Install Doctor
Internet Car Audio Install Index
VW Polo
Sancho's Playhouse
Sounds Good Car Audio & Security

Stephen's 92 Bonneville SSE
Wes' 94 Honda Civic

The Car Audio Gateway
Jason's Car Audio Page
Chris Doyle's Camaro
Trevor's Car Audio Zone
SoundDomain Installs


If you know of any great links to add here, please e-mail them to me.  DO NOT send me links for commercial sites (businesses selling things) unless they offer outstanding installation photos and technical information.  I prefer not to list commercial links in this section.

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