Wrench (1k)  Project 92 SC - Rollcage Fabrication & Paint
Even during a relaxing day of fun at the track, we've seen cars flip over and roll right in front of our eyes. (Shown at the right is a Saturn owner at Gingerman Raceway 8/99 - click HERE for more from that event.)  It may not be very common in a non-race environment, but it does happen.  

Not many of us are professional racers, and it makes me nervous to think that a moment of lapsed attention or a slight mistake at speed could result in a wreck.  No matter how much a person tries not to think about it, it will still be there in the back of your mind.


Crash (9k)
Pic courtesy the Wallycam - Thanks Wally!

Since my 92 SC is going to live on the track, a rollcage is a necessity.  Not only will it protect the occupants in case something bad happens, but it also does a great job at making the chassis incredibly stiff resulting in better handling and control.  And having driven other cars on the track with a cage installed, seeing it around me gives a bit of added confidence.  I know that I will be driving the car differently, and get much more enjoyment from being able to do so.

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Fitting the rear hoop, roof & glass removed

Driver door bars

Driver door bars

Driver door bars

Passenger door bars

Floor plate

Outside rear

Side view

Stripped, without roof

New roof installed and painted

Mike finishing up

Final inspection


Inside rear

Upper inside rear

Rear strut tower
Since this was a fabrication job that I wasn't able do myself, special thanks goes to Bill H, Dave S, and Mike F for their excellent work.  If you're ever in the market for a rollcage in the northern IL area (built by guys with Saturn experience), drop me a line and I'll put you in touch with them.


Masking the exterior

Masking the interior

Masking the interior

Masking the interior

Masking removed

Masking removed

Masking removed

Silver metallic
Weighing the Cage

After installation, a 6" length of scrap tubing was weighed in order to determine the weight of the tubing per inch. A flexible fabric tape measure was used to measure all the roll cage tubing inside the car, being careful to conform to all the bends and angles in order to come up with an accurate measurement.

Tubing specs: Mild steel, 1.5" outside diameter, .126" (3.2mm) wall thickness
Tubing weight: 2.5 ounces (69.5 grams)
per linear inch
Length of tubing used: 907 inches (75 feet)
Total weight: 139 lbs. (includes an extra pound or two for gussets & baseplates)



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