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Interested in attending or taking part in a competition?  Take a look at the following organizations' sites for information, background, and listings of competitions in your area.  Click on any of the logos on this page to take you there.  I've also included some of my scoresheets from the past couple of years to give insight into what's involved in judging and scoring.


IASCA logo (6k)


International Auto Sound Challenge Association

IASCA's mission statement:  To nurture and provide the means for consistent, non-biased international forums.  These shall be for the purpose of evaluating mobile electronics systems, based upon equitable and consistent rules and guidelines, without regard to manufacturer or type of equipment, recognizing safe and creative installation techniques.  The object of these forums shall be to increase consumer awareness and promote the aftermarket automotive mobile electronics products.


USAC Logo (5k)

United States Autosound Competition

U.S.A.C. is a sound off organization that was formed in the southern region of the United States.  Dealers all over the south realized a need for an organization that would cater to the needs of the dealer, not just the manufacturers.   Out of this need for a retail based organization U.S.A.C. was born.  A dealer and consumer based organization, U.S.A.C. is run by dealers and their customers.


dB Drag logo (3k)


dB Drag Racing

dB Drag Racing is an event where contestants compete against one another to see who has the loudest car audio system.  The event is modeled after drag racing, hence the name.


Clipboard (2k)

Score sheets available for viewing:

Winner (1.7k)

General score sheets:
(the big picture)
IASCA (234k)
USAC (158k)
Sound Pressure:
(how loud it goes)
USAC Outlaw SPL (26k)
pcRTA SPL (9k)
Frequency Response:
(how accurate it is)
Audio Control RTA (13k)
Coustic RTA (13k)
pcRTA (17k)


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