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Team scR's New Car


James Walker (of Team scR Motorsports) had just finished construction of his new SCCA Improved Touring race car, a red SC2 beautiful in every detail.  James was using this open-lapping day at Gingerman Raceway as an opportunity to get a feel for the car and break in a few sets of tires before getting it out on the track during the 1999 season.  We all had the opportunity to take a close look at the car and ask a whole lot of questions.


The car (19k)

Rollcage (34k)Rollcage (34k)
The custom computer-modeled rollcage.

Seat (29k)

Form-fitting Recaro seat and 6-point harness.  The red tank for the Halon fire-supression system can be seen on the left.


Wheel & tire (34k)Engine (35k)

Enkei 15" RP-01 wheels, Hoosier 225-45-15 tires.  The engine compartment looks unassuming - not much of a hint of the monster that lurks within.  SPS supplies a great deal of parts for the car.   The picture shows Magnecor wires, Powerstack intake, filter, and strut-tower brace.

Exhaust flows though a stock Saturn header, custom downpipe, Borla race muffler, and a huge 3" exhaust pipe.  On the dyno, the engine actually made more horsepower with a muffler than without.


Exhaust (20k)

Front brakes/suspension (34k)Rear brakes/suspension (28k)

Brake cooling ducts, wheel spacers, longer lugs, adjustable firmness Koni strut inserts, adjustable ride-height custom coil-overs, 17mm rear sway bar, braided brake lines, and a super-clean underbody that I envy.


More details & specs:

reddart.gif (98 bytes) Saturn engine with 'stockish' internals, balanced & blueprinted
reddart.gif (98 bytes)
Approximately 150 horsepower (124 horsepower stock)
reddart.gif (98 bytes) 2,170 lb weight (approximately 2,400 lb stock)
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Magnecor plug wires
reddart.gif (98 bytes) AC Rapidfire plugs
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Redline lubricants
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Stock Saturn header, custom downpipe
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Borla race muffler, three inch exhaust, no catalytic converter
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Stock Saturn throttle body
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Ceramic-coated Powerstack intake w/ conical filter
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Stock-size brake rotors (vented front, solid rear), stock single-piston calipers
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Yellow PowerPads front, blue PowerPads rear
reddart.gif (98 bytes) SPS braided brake lines
reddart.gif (98 bytes) AP600 brake fluid
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Front brake cooling ducts
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Stock front anti-sway bar
reddart.gif (98 bytes) SPS 17mm adjustable rear anti-sway bar
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Stock suspension bushings & motor mounts
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Enkei RP-01 wheels (approx 13 lbs each), 225/45-ZR15 Hoosier tires
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Custom hub-centric wheel spacers, longer lugs
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Koni shock inserts with adjustable damping
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Custom adjustable ride-height coil-overs with Hypercoil springs
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Recaro seat with six-point harness
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Eight-point computer-modeled rollcage
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Racetech communications
reddart.gif (98 bytes) Halon fire supression system



For more great pictures and info, check out Team scR's website.  While you're visiting, be sure to sign up for the mailing list to keep on top of the Saturn racing action.



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