Gingerman 4/8/2000 - Brrrr.


Snow-covered front straight (28k)
Spring in Michigan?

Gingerman map (10k)
A map of Gingerman Raceway, click HERE for a larger view.

On April 8, 2000, several Saturn Performance Club members once again gathered for open lapping at Gingerman Raceway in Southhaven Michigan (we had been there the first time for the '99 SPC Rally).  Gingerman is an 11-turn 1.88 mile road course.  With lots of grass and no concrete barriers or metal guard rails next to the track, it is safe and enjoyable for the first-time driver.  You can read more about Gingerman Raceway HERE.



Our day on the course was sponsored by SpeedTrial USA and was again considered a 'Driver's School' - a learning event where we were able to push the limits of our cars and improve our driving ability.  Lap times during the event are not recorded, and the cars are not actually competing against each other.


The weather in Southhaven Saturday morning resembled a polar expedition with freezing temperatures and 40+ mph winds blowing snow & freezing rain.


Porsches and snow (23k)
Snow on Porches, probably won't see that often.

The guys (21k)
Lane (WI), Deebs (IL), Jamin (NY), and Wally (MI).

The SPC was helping out with trackside services for the day which included vehicle tech inspections (for proper maintenance & safety) as well as flag duties (to alert drivers to track condition and session status).

Since we were helping out for the event, we had to be there - but we didn't think anyone else would be bold enough to show up to drive on a day like this.


Arriving at the track before anyone else, we all hopped into one car and took a spin to take a look at the condition of the track (or at least the area where we knew it was).  Three inches of ice and snow were going to make this an unusual track experience.

How do we drive on this?  Wally was smiling at the prospect, since he made the drive down on snow tires...


Before turn 4 (12k)
Somewhere near turn 4.

Plow (13k)

Bob the track manager decided to get the snowplow fired up.  We were all hoping that once the sun came up and the track was plowed that it would at least be somewhat driveable.

We all watched, secretly hoping that the snowplow wasn't the fastest vehicle of the day.


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