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Sometime during the summer of 2000, I remember Deebs asking during one of our club's track events, "Hey, you guys want to go to Ireland?"

Of course, my first thought was "Uhh, what???"

As we were to find out - the Deebs family has relatives in Ireland, and many of them try to make the trip several times each year.   During this trip, Deebs and his wife-to-be Joanne would be researching and finalizing their wedding plans, as they had decided to be married in Ireland.

I thought of rolling hills, the Atlantic coast, a rich cultural history, Guinness beer, hanging out in pubs, European cars, escaping Wisconsin in the winter... 

Damn, lets go!


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Limo (20k)
"Where on the limo would these look the best?"

Passports, plane tickets, power adaptors, maps, daily checks of the website - we were ready.  On Saturday, January 27, 2001, we were on our way for what was sure to be an adventurous week!

Deebs, Joanne, Wally, Tapp, and I piled into the limo (only vehicle we'd all fit into with all our luggage), and departed from the SPC headquarters.


We boarded an Aer Lingus flight from Chicago to Dublin, which would also take us to our final destination of Shannon.


Plane (24k)


On the plane (27k)
Very tired, from L to R: Wally, Deebs, Tapp, and Lane.

The flight lasted around 8 or 9 hours but luckily, the plane wasn't very full and we could all stretch out and try to get some rest.  We'd lose 6 hours during the trip and would arrive the next morning.


Watching the sunrise from the plane, somewhere over the Atlantic ocean.


Atlantic sunrise (11k)



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