Keys (1k)  My 1994 Saturn SC2

Taking it home (10k)

I bought my 94 SC2 in August of 1993, and have since put on quite a few miles.  Adding performance parts here and there and making continued improvements to the car makes it more enjoyable to drive now than when it was brand new.


Why Did I Buy A Saturn?

No haggling - the price you see is the price you pay
A new company with unique ideas
It's a car that I didn't see everywhere
Made in the US
Very low insurance and repair costs
Polymer body panels can't ding, dent, or rust
Great mileage with a lot of power for its size & weight
Amazing handling and ABS braking ability


Front view (15k)

Rear View (26k)

When people see that I'm a performance enthusiast they ask, "Why a Saturn?" (Do you get that too?)


When you're a car guy, you're a car guy.  It doesn't matter what kind of car it is, true car guys will find a way to appreciate whatever they choose to own.  Saturns have a uniqueness all their own due to their retailers' excellent service and the no-pressure one-price buying experience.  That's the secret that all owners are in on, and sharing that experience is what makes us the unique group that we are.


Engine w/polished parts (29k)

Rollin' (15k)
Pic taken by Bill Deebs (thanks!)

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