Wrench (1k)  Project 92 SC - Weight Reduction
How do you make a car faster, turn better, and stop easier for virtually no cost?  Remove all the dead weight!  If it's not needed to allow the car to get around the track safely, out it goes.

Click the thumbnails below to view a larger-sized image.

Air cond

Removed the air conditioning and lightened the car by 27 lbs (plus whatever the refrigerant weighs as well).

Trunk contents

Out came the spare tire, jack hardware, trunk carpet & panels - removing an additional 43 lbs.

Rear seats

Removed the rear seats, and 31 lbs.

Rear belts

Without rear seats, who needs rear seat belts?  6 lbs.

Rear deck & speakers

Removed the rear deck and speaker grilles - 2 lbs.

Rear trim

Removed the rear trim - 5 lbs.


Replaced the airbox and piping with an Injen intake - saved 4 lbs.

Trunk mat

I began the large task of removing the asphalt-backed mat from the trunk & and interior.  Here's a shot of the driver's side of the trunk.  When the job is complete, I'll post the total weight of all the mat.

Rear mat

Here's a shot of the floor where the rear seat normally resides.

Center console

Removing the center console saved 4 lbs.  It had no cupholders anyway.


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