Wrench (1k)  Project 92 SC - Weight Reduction
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Power steering pump

Who needs power steering?  Out came 11 lbs.  I replaced the pump with an external resorvoir so fluid is still allowed to circulate through the rack.


Removed the carpet - 19 lbs.


Two screws and some adhesive held on the spoiler which weighs 5 lbs.

Pillar trim

Removing the door pillar interior trim saved 4 lbs.

Seatbelts and tracks

The shoulder belt tracks, shoulder belts, motors, lap belts, and control module were removed - they'll be replaced with harnesses at a later date.  All this junk weighed 14 lbs.

Contents of door

Removing practically everything from the doors made the car 52 lbs lighter.   (The contents of only one door is shown at left).

Door beforeDoor after

A photo of the door stripped, and then after the metal was cut out.  It doesn't feel like any of the structural integrity was lost, most likely due to the reinforcement bars.

See-thru doors

Removeable lexan windows will replace the door glass while in transit or when on the track in the rain.

Lexan side window

The outer door panels were reinstalled, and removeable lexan pieces were cut and fit into the openings.

Radio and speakers

The radio and four speakers were removed - 16 lbs.


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