Wrench (1k)  Project 92 SC - 2005 Project Log.

6/10/05 - Installed a Fluidyne radiator, but it wasn't a direct bolt-in fit.  You can see a large number of pictures and a complete write-up on this page in my projects section.

7/05 - Spent some serious time installing a nitrous oxide system, yanking it out when it refused to work right, and then installing a different one.  The whole thing is still under construction, but I have gotten some darn nice dyno numbers out of it.  You can read about both of the systems in the projects section.

7/05 - Picked up an aluminum air intake (shown on top), powdercoated it, and saved a few lbs.  More info can be found HERE in the modifications section, and the weight comparison numbers can be found HERE in the weight reduction section.
10/1/2005 - Took the '92 to a local guy who does paintless dent removal.  Since the car has over 140k miles on it, it had a lot of dings in the hood and trunk.  I don't know where most of them came from, but I do wonder if towing the car on a dolly behind the truck (when the truck doesn't have mudflaps) might have something to do with it.  After he worked his magic massagaing the metal from the underside of the panel with a bunch of metal spoons and rods, the results were UNBELIEVABLE.  You cannot spot where they used to be.  The cost of his services was well-spent, and worth every penny.  I highly recommend this type of service if you ever need it.  It really can improve the appearance of the car for very little cost.
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