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This section details specific projects I've undertaken during ownership of my 1994 SC2 and 1992 SC.

I'd been at this hobby long enough that I wanted a new challenge.  Next up: a motor build with all forged internals and a serious turbo system.  After a lot of research, parts-buying, prep, fabrication, and hard labor, you can see the current status of the project HERE.


As Saturn S-Series owners, we now have a handful of aftermarket options for stiffer motor mounts.  I took a look at them, bought a few, and tried them out.  What I found out, with some actual measurements, you can find HERE.


Since the Venom system I'd previously installed did not operate properly (if you haven't already read that section below, please read it before reading this) - will the VCN-1000 get the job done?  Click

Let's try something different - an intelligent and sophisticated (or so I thought) computer-controlled Venom VCN-2000 nitrous system.  Click

A nice cooling system upgrade with a beautiful Fluidyne radiator.  Once again, a part not specifically made for a '92 Saturn, but let's make it fit anyway.  Click

With my favorite Hawk Blue brake pads no longer being offered for Saturn, let's try fitting them from another car.  Click

Track car

A well-used 1992 SC undergoes a transformation into a car built for the track.  The build took several years, and I enjoyed the car on the track for several years afterward before it was passed to its new owner.  Click
HERE for the story of all the work that went into the car and all of the enjoyment that it provided.


A complete piece-by-piece teardown (while measuring all tolerances, guided by factory service manuals) of a 1994 DOHC engine that sounded like THIS.  Hmm, I wonder what we'll find...   click HERE.

Quaife LSD

A low-mileage spare transmission, Centerforce dual-friction clutch, and a Quaife limited-slip differential - a serious combination that will really help the car better utilize the power it already has...  click HERE.

pcar1s.jpg (2744 bytes)

I picked up a parts car from a local rebuilder that he was about to crush.   Ahh, the joy of stripping something to the frame and then taking a Sawzall to it... click HERE.


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