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UPDATE:  As of the 1999 racing season, James Walker of Team scR will be racing in IT (improved touring) class with a different car - you can visit the Team scR website for details.  The white car shown in these photos is now owned by John at SPS.


On June 28, 1998, I attended the June Sprints at Road America in Elkhart Lake (WI).  This was the first race event that I've been to, and it definitely won't be the last.  I was able to hang out with James Walker jr. and the Team scR crew for the day to get a unique perspective on SCCA racing that most spectators probably never experience.  They really made me feel like one of the group.  A special thanks goes out to Bill Deebs (of the Saturn Performance Club) for explaining the finer points of SCCA racing and to James Walker jr. and his crew for the invitation and hospitality.


SCR front (18k)

scR Side (40k)

It's hard to believe how close these cars are to stock.  The main differences I saw from stock trim include the air filter, struts, springs, cat-back, sway bars, tires, roll cage, fire suppression system, seats, and 5-point seat belt.  The engine & drivetrain are the same as the cars you or I drive every day.

It was something else to hear James in this SC2 go screaming by on the long straightaways nearing the redline in 4th gear in the neighborhood of 110 mph.  I can definitely say that watching a Saturn being driven at its limits makes think a bit differently about the one that I own.


I can't tell you how safe I felt sitting in this car and staring thru the bars of the massive rollcage that takes up quite a bit of its interior. Strapped into the form-fitting seat with the 5-point belts, a driver must feel very much like an extension of the car itself.  Sticky Hoosier tires and the Carrera suspension giving that incredible feeling of the road beneath you...

Uhh James, where are the keys?


SCR inside (14k)

Oh yeah... (33k)
Oh, yeah.  I could get used to this.

SCR logo (2k)

Ticket (10k)


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