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Saturn Performance Club Listserv
SPC Chat (Tue & Thur)
Saturnfans Forums
Saturnspeed Forums
Saturn Newsgroup
Yahoo's Club Saturn
Yahoo's High Mileage Club
Yahoo Saturn Dragway
Saturnspot Forums
XtremeSaturn-GC Group
Red Line Forums
Saturn Racing Group Forums
SixthSphere Forums
PlastikRacing Forums
The Rob Forums
Saturn Usenet Group
TSN Hosting Forums

scR Motorsports
Thundersport Racing
Planet 6 Racing
Vandomotorsports Racing
Saturn Motorsports

The Saturn Performance Webring


The Saturn Experience Webring
The Extreme Saturns Webring
Electric Saturn Conversion
Saturn Bus
Chris's Saturn Lightship Photos

SoundDomain Saturn Installations
MEI Saturn Audio Sites
Article on Saturn Crashes
Saturn Racing Group
SL1 Electric Conversion
Kakashi Racing (SCCA)

The Saturn Performance Club
Northeast Saturn Club


Owners and Enthusiasts - Special Recognition

These sites belong to people who've been around Saturn performance for quite some time, and aren't likely to give up their pursiit anytime soon.  Other people's periods of Saturn ownership have come and gone, and I've had to remove many many dead links from this page over the years.  These sites have remained, and these people deserve special recognition for their determination and persistence.

Eric's Deceased SC
Eric's 96 SC2
Al's 98 SL2a Dyno Charts
Al's Dark Green 96 SL2
Spin or Win Racing

Planet 6 Racing
Planet 6 Racing's Bearing Report
Ian's 93 SL2
The Conemower
Cris Thomas

Different Racing

Kallisti Motorsports
Kev's DOHC SC1 & Saturn Family
Ryan & NYX Racing
Purple Plastic Power

Owners and Enthusiasts
Ed Sanders
Jeff Morris's 97 SL1
HappyGirl's Hideout
Akoy's Tech Pages
Dave's White 97 SL2
Eric's Saturn Casualties
George's Saturn Plant Pictures
Golden Child

Scott & Michelle's 99 SL2
Richard Taylor's Page
B3's 97 SL2
Danny's 96 SL2
Kurt's 97 SC2
Jules' 92
Sven's SL1 Page
Brian Haley's Audio System
Jim's Site
Matt's 97 SL
Jason at Kaotic Kustomz
Saturnman's Homepage
The Green Beast
A 94 SC2
James' 92 SC2 Turbo
Marc's two-tone 94 SC2
Troy's Page
Michael's Saturn Performance
Charlie Brown
Tom's 95
Joel's 93 SC1
SaturnGuru's Turbo
Jason's 97 SC1
SC2 Demon
Todd's Information Driveway
Joe's 94 SL2
Dave's SC2
Kerry's 96 SL2
Dragsaturn's 94 SL2
Danny's 96 SL2
Sean's 13-second SC1
Exxtreme One's Audio System
Tim's 91 SL1
Saturn SOHC
Tam's Accident
Kevin's Page
Mike's 99 SC2
Midnight SL2
Tom's 01 SC2
Wicked Saturn
Tom's Turbo SL2
Brenda's 97 SC2
Brian's Saturn Event Pictures
Eric's Supercharged SC2
Josh's 93 SL
Emily's SC2
Metallic Raven
Jeff's Auto-X SL2
Jon's Saturn Road Racer




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