Car (1k)  The Spring Hill Trip

The Drive Down

In mid July, 1998, I made the huge road trip down to Spring Hill Tennessee with the Saturn Performance Club for a tour of the Saturn Plant as well as a ton of other activities.  It was a long drive, but worth every minute.  I met up with a few of the guys in Chicago for the drive to Dayton OH.

Cars at right (L to R): Jon Tapp, Mike Morton, Bill Deebs, and Lane.


Chicago (16k)

Dayton OH (26k)

Meeting up with more of the group at Saturn in Dayton, OH where we finalized plans and broke into two groups for the remainder of the drive to Spring Hill.  We made up the bulk of the performance freaks on the trip.  Al Clapsaddle (not pictured) led a Central Ohio car club to Spring Hill as well.

Front to Rear, Left to Right:  Lane, John Comeskey (SPS), Jennifer (SPS), Nick, Bill Deebs, Jason & Christena Snowden, Jamin Cummings, Jon Tapp, Mike Morten, Kevin Svarda, Noah Boehm, Jason Mauser & Andrea Martin, Indiana Dave, and Eric Penn.

At a stop in Berea, Kentucky.  We were the part of the group that took a more scenic route.

Cars at right (L to R): Jamin Cummings, Lane, Jon Tapp, Bill Deebs, and Indiana Dave.


KN (26k)

Driving (14k)
A shot of the Deebs man with camera in hand

Me driving (13k)
Me with a bit too much smile (thanks Bill)


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