Camera (1k)  The Audio System

Left View (30k)

The Car

1994 Saturn SC2
Aquamarine with dark gray/black leather interior

System construction started in December 1993 and took approximately two years to complete.  This car is and always has been my daily-driving car.  I personally did all system installation and tuning, most of which was done in the driveway of my apartment building.  I tried to keep the car's interior as stealth-looking as possible, and metal & trim panel cutting was kept to a minimum.


Electrical System (underhood)

Supplying the current for the system is an upgraded Champion battery and a stock 96-amp alternator.   All underhood power transfer uses Phoenix Gold 2-gauge PowerFlow cable and Expert Series terminals.  The negative battery terminal is connected to the car's body with 2-gauge cable, and the positive cable runs through a 140-amp Phoenix Gold circuit breaker, through the firewall, and under the driver's side carpet to the trunk.

All factory wire loom in the engine compartment was disassembled to incorporate wiring for an Alpine alarm, and then reassembled.  None of the alarm wiring is visible.


Battery (24.2k)

Power dist (32.7k)

Power Distribution (trunk)

Current flows through 2-gauge cable connected to two Phoenix Gold power distribution/fuse blocks.  A Phoenix Gold 1.2 Farad PowerFlow stiffening capacitor connects to the distribution blocks as well, supplying transient power on demand to the amplifiers.  The capacitor is covered with a piece of curved plexi to match the other components.  The amplifiers are connected to the distribution blocks via 7-gauge Phoenix Gold power cable.  An analog volt meter is also present to measure system voltage at the amplifiers.


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