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Saturn S-Series Wheels (with other wheel/tire info links)
Gary's Brake Fluid Info (with other brake info links)
How to heel/toe & double-clutch (by Brian Brown)


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General Technical Info

Team scR's "Racing a Saturn"
(as appeared in Grassroots Motorsports Magazine)
Team scR's Tech Article Section
SPS's Tech Articles
StopTech's Brake Tech Articles



Autoshop Online
Autozine Technical School
Synthetic Oil Analysis (from
Oil & Filters 101 (from
Oil Filter Review (from Prelude owners group)
Harness Review (from Prelude owners group)


On the Track

SCCA Solo II Novice Handbook
The Physics of Racing
Turnfast Driving Instruction

Mike's Skip Barber Experience
John's Day at Racing School
Solo II Car Classifications (2000) (locations & schedules)



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