Gingerman 10/20/2002

Lineup (40k)
Waiting to get on the track.

On October 20, 2002, Saturn Performance Club members, guests, and spectators once again gathered for open lapping at Gingerman Raceway in Southhaven Michigan (see my archives for other visits to this track).  Gingerman is an 11-turn 1.88 mile road course.  With lots of grass and no concrete barriers next to the track, it is safe and enjoyable for the first-time driver.  You can read more about Gingerman Raceway HERE.

Gingerman map (10k)
A map of Gingerman Raceway, click HERE for a larger view.

Our day on the course was sponsored by SpeedTrial USA and was again considered a 'Driver's School' - a learning event where we were able to push the limits of our cars and improve our driving ability.  Lap times during the event are not recorded, and the cars are not actually competing against each other.


Driver instruction was provided to anyone who wanted it, and SCCA Saturn racers James Walker (of Team scR) and Mark Rushbrook were on-hand to lend some of their Saturn wisdom.

The temperature in Southwestern Michigan starts to get cold this time of the year, but today it reached a high in the low 50s.  The cool weather didn't stop people from coming to the track though.


Porsche (22k)
Nice Porsche.

Wally (28k)


Saturn owners, club members, and guests attending the event included Tapp & Jenny, Wally, Jason P & Christine, Lane, Herb K, and Josh.

At the left you can see Wally and Herb getting ready for a session in Wally's turbo Miata.


Of all the events we've attended at Gingerman Raceway, this one by far had the most cars on track (more than 60).  Luckily, that number ended up being divided between four run groups and none of us felt very crowded.


M3 (23k)

WRX (30k)
Subaru Impreza WRX

Some of the cars we saw included at least ten Subaru Impreza WRXs, almost as many Acura Integras, a Ford Focus, Dodge Viper, a Turbo Pontiac Trans Am, a bunch of Porsches, a Lotus, Honda Prelude, assorted BMW M-series, Audi, a turbo Mazda Miata, several Dodge Neons, Ford Escort, Nissan Altima, Honda Civic, Toyota Celica, and various Mazdas.


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