Chicago Auto Show '02

The Saturn Performance Club got together for the weekend of February 15, 2002, to attend the Chicago Auto Show, do some dyno testing, race some slot cars, and disassemble a motor.  Photos can be seen from previous auto show weekend activities in the archives section.

Attendees for this weekend's activities included Deebs, Tapp & Jenny, Bill & Jane, Lane, Mike N, Christena & Jason S, Mike L, Wally & Julie H, Brian J, Jason C & Rachel, Greg & Lindsey, Alex P, Ben P, Kevin K, Bryce & Amie, and Ed P.  This was the highest turnout so far for our annual auto show weekend.  It was unfortunate though that quite a few IL / IN / WI area enthusiasts didn't feel like atttending.  Boy, did they miss out!

Meal (29k)Meal (29k)
The group enjoying an evening meal.

It was great to have visitors from 7 states (MI, OH, WI, MN, IL, NE, MO) make the effort and drive to Chicago for the weekend.

After arriving at the Deebs' compound on Friday evening, we headed out for an evening meal with great food and conversation, and then gathered back at the hotel.


Hotel (27k)
Meeting at the hotel.

The Clubhouse

Motor (30k)


We headed over to the SPC garage early on Saturday morning.  Mike N had picked up a used motor which we'd be disassembling for a future performance rebuild.  A lot of grunting noises could be heard as it was torn down.


Ben made his way to Chicago all the way from Nebraska.  And here he is showing off some car-guy style - in full overalls wearing a timing chain and cam sprocket.



Ben (27k)


The ladies (30k)


The ladies were smart - they just kicked back and let the guys argue and get dirty.


Tapp was also busy doing some electrical work on the SPC project car, a yellow '94 SC2.



Tapp (27k)


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