Gingerman 11/99

On November 6, 1999, a bunch of Saturn Performance Club members once again gathered for open lapping at Gingerman Raceway in Southhaven Michigan (we had been there the first time for the '99 SPC Rally).  Gingerman is an 11-turn 1.88 mile road course.  With lots of grass and no concrete barriers or metal guard rails next to the track, it is safe and enjoyable for the first-time driver.  You can read more about Gingerman Raceway HERE.

Our day on the course was again considered a 'Driver's School' - a learning event where we were able to push the limits of our cars and improve our driving ability.  Lap times during the event are not recorded, and the cars are not actually competing against each other.

SPC members present at this session included Lane (WI), Wally (MI), Tapp (IL), Deebs (IL), David Steffen (MI), Wild Bill (IL), and Jamin (NY), as well as several members' guests and co-drivers.

Loading up Deebs' car at his place in Chicago before heading out.


Trailer queen (28k)

Speedtrial banner (23k)

Best Racing, a race shop out of Chicago, organizes lapping sessions at Gingerman several times each year.  This session was also sponsored in part by SpeedTrial USA.  You can see SpeedTrial's photos of the event HERE.

Approx. 40 people rotated on and off the track in four groups (grouping based on ability & experience), and drove for about 20 minutes at a time.  The temperature was a bit cool (50 degrees and windy), which caused quite a few off-track excursions due to over-confidence on cold race tires (myself included).

Mid-2000: Best Racing is no longer in business.  Too bad - we'll miss 'em!


Wild Bill's car (23k)David's car (24k)

Wild Bill's wild ride and David's SC2 - dark green with dark yellow stripes & some flashy wheels.


A yellow BMW M3.

Other cars joining us included Dodge Neons, an Acura NSX, Subaru Impreza AWD, Maxda RX7s & Miatas, Porche Boxters, a 911 Turbo, a Maserati, an Audi, a VW Golf, and a bunch of Hondas.


M3 (23k)

One Lap guy (22k)

Jamin brought a couple of SCCA Neon drivers with him from NY.  This one arrived on a trailer and was driven by the One Lap of America 1999 compact class winner.


Porsches (24k)NSX (29k)

A handful of Porches joined us out on the track, along with a wicked Acura NSX.


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