Wrench (1k)  Project 92 SC - 2006/2007 Project Log.

5/06 - Took a cut-off saw to the trunk lid and removed a lot of metal that no longer needs to be there.  Also swapped the bumper support for a lighter model, and removed more weight from what's left of the headlamp mounting brackets.  Details can be seen HERE in the weight reduction section.

6/06 - Relocated the battery to the trunk, to improve balance and weight distribution.  This was also done in order to make room for some upcoming work in the engine compartment.  You can see more pictures and information in my modifications section HERE.
2005 / 2006 - You've probably noticed that the project log doesn't have much in it for the years 2005 and 2006.  I have been working on something long-term that's taking a lot of research, time, and effort.  And in order to make sure it doesn't get half-assed coverage here, I'm putting together a section of the website dedicated to it specifically.  But, all of this takes time.  Luckily, I have a lot of patience with whatever I'm working on and when asked by friends, I usually tell them, "It'll be done when it's done." 

I'm sure that as a regular reader of this site, you'd prefer a bit more info and something to actually read about.  But keep in mind that everything on this site that you see at this moment in time is the result of 9 years of wrenching along with a good amount of time to write about it afterward.  Your patience, as well as mine, will be rewarded with something pretty cool when it's all done so stay tuned...

Update: I spent a lot of time researching, planning, and fabricating a custom turbo system, but plans ended up changing along the way and it never came to be.  You can see a section dedicated to the project HERE.

Early 2007 - There really isn't much more that I want to change on the car.  I'm getting better and better performance out of it every time I'm on the track.  With no changes to the car in between events, it shows that improving the driver through practice is now having more of an effect than improving the car further would.

Mid-2007 forward - I've finally been able to achieve a long-term goal I'd set for myself quite some time ago.  I've worked hard for several years to save money in order to purchase an Ariel Atom.  It was a tough decision and it will break my heart to remove my '92 SC from track duties, but I feel the Atom is a worthy successor.  You can see my website for the Atom HERE.

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