The 2001 SPC Rally

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The 2001 Saturn Performance Club Rally

The Saturn Performance Club is a group of die-hard Saturn enthusiasts dedicated to taking their cars and their driving ability to the next level. The annual club Rally is held each summer in Chicago IL and brings many enthusiastic owners with custom and performance-modified Saturns from the U.S. and Canada.  You can take a look at my pictures from previous club Rallys in my site's Archives section.

The 2001 Rally was the club's fourth, and was held from June 29 - July 4, 2001.  Members attended from Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, Texas, Nebraska, Manitoba (Canada), Massachusetts, Michigan, Kentucky, New York, Connecticuit, and Missourri.


Arriving at the hotel (26k)

People started arriving at the Red Roof Inn in Willowbrook IL on Friday afternoon (June 29).  Many of us had a long haul and everyone was looking forward to the week's activities.


Hanging out on the balcony (28k)In the shade (36k)

It was great to finally meet everyone and associate names & faces (and cars!) with the E-Mail addresses we're used to seeing on the club's mailing list.
After most of the group arrived, we headed out for a good meal at a local restaraunt.  With all the great stories and conversation, it wasn't easy for us to leave.


Food! (28k)


Drivers' meeting (26k)

Back at the hotel, we gathered for an informal strategy meeting to discuss the following day's schedule.

That's Greg H in the middle.  He makes candy.



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