Chicago Auto Show '03

The Saturn Performance Club got together for the weekend of February 22, 2003, to attend the Chicago Auto Show, do some dyno testing, race some slot cars, and put in some prep work on the GF Racing car.  Photos can be seen from previous auto show weekend activities in the archives section.

Attendees for this weekend's activities included Deebs, Tapp & Jenny, Bill H, Lane, Brian J, Alex P, Ben P, Kevin K, Bryce & Amie A, Kyle K, and Bob A.

Members from 7 states (NE, NY, WI, MN, MO, IN, IL) made the effort to drive to Chicago to get together for the weekend.

Alex was one of the first to roll into Chicago on Friday afternoon, with his twin-engine SC2.   He was transporting an engine from MN for Kevin, who would be taking it back to MO.   Looks like the motor had no problem fitting where the passenger seat normally resides.  Just don't slam on the brakes.


Alex and motor (33k)
Alex, that is just nuts.

Lots of parts (32k)


Earlier in the day, I had gone a bit further south into Illinois to pick up a low-mileage motor & more that I'd bought off of eBay for a great deal.  Watch those Saturn auctions - there's some good stuff out there!


Deebs, Tapp, and Kevin K were busy in the clubhouse working on the SPC / GF Racing ITA car (see more info here).  The club is sponsoring the car, and instead of writing out a check to do it, we've chosen to volunteer our labor to get the car ready for the upcoming season on the track.



Race car (34k)


Click for video.


Ben drove all the way from Nebraska to hang out for the weekend.  He found some bubble wrap in the garage and broke into some interpretive dance.

Click the link below for some video.

.AVI (requires Divx 5 codec) - 230k

Divx 5 codec info/download HERE.

Be sure to turn up your sound.


Food (30k)Coloring (29k)

After most of the group arrived, we made our way to a local restaraunt for some 1 lb burgers (except for the lightweights/amateurs, that is).  Left to Right in photo: Deebs, Ben P, Alex P, Kyle K, Jenny, Tapp, Brian J, and Kevin K.

Brothers Ben and Alex P kept busy with some crayons while we were waiting for the food to arrive.  Ben just couldn't stay in the lines though and did stray onto the tablecloth a bit.


After dinner, we felt like taking in a movie.  We saw Old School, and this movie was hilarious.  It may be stupid but it's funny as hell, and it was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.  Of all the movies I've seen, I can't ever remember an audience clapping at the end like they did for this one.



Ticket (32k)


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