Chicago Auto Show '07

The Saturn Performance Club got together for the weekend of February 16, 2007, to attend the Chicago Auto Show and discuss plans for the club's upcoming 2007 Rally.  Photos can be seen from previous auto show weekend activities in the archives section.

Attendees for this weekend's activities included Tapp, Jarod, Kevin K, Christena, Deebs, Lane, Doug, Francine, Tom U, Matt B, and Mark.  Members from 5 states (KS, WI, IL, OH, MO, KY) made the effort to drive to Chicago to get together for the weekend.

Most of us arrived late on Thursday night, checked into the hotel, and pretty much just relaxed for the evening.

On the train toward downtown Chicago

On Friday morning, we all hopped a train to head downtown to McCormick Place.  We have driven to the show in past years, but since the area always has too much traffic and a lot of people, we decided to let someone else do the driving this time around..



We made our way inside and were very happy with what we saw.  There were a whole lot less people here today (Friday) than the times when we've attended on a Saturday.  It was much easier to get around and see the cars without all of them being mobbed by a wall of people surrounding them.


Upon entry to the show, we were greeted with a band playing.  What the hell?  We weren't sure why they were there, but they weren't bad.

Click HERE for video (1.8 mb).

Video requires DIVX 5 codec to play - info/download HERE.  Be sure to turn up your sound.




There was a lot of interest in the Saturn display.  In addition to the recent offering of the Sky Red Line, people could also take a close look at the Outlook, Aura hybrid, and several versions of the upcoming Astra.  Click any of the thumbnails below for a larger high-resolution version.

Astra 2-dr

Astra 4-dr

Astra wheel

Aura hybrid

Aftermarket Sky




It's not an Autoshow club event until someone gets in a car and makes vroom vroom noises.  Here's a photo of Tom in a Saturn Outlook.


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