The 2004 SPC Rally
The Dyno
Hahn Racecraft also shares shop space with TMW Dyno Services.  We could tell this comes in handy, as every car in development in the shop had a dyno printout in the window as proof of the turbo kit's effectiveness.  This was VERY good advertising.


Kevin K, Chris T, and Doug directing Bob A's car on to the dyno.


Mike N & Chris T strapping the vehicle down.

This dyno was installed above-ground.  While it may have taken a few minutes to put the vehicle on the lift and get it into position, improved access to the vehicle was nice.  Parts can be swapped without having to undo the straps or remove the vehicle from the dyno.


Jeff P pilots my SC on the dyno.

This was the first time I'd had my '92 SC on the dyno since it was completely stock.  With a fresher motor and a few bolt-on parts since then, I found out that I'd picked up 13 horsepower at the wheels.  There's no need to guess about what part(s) produce results - strap the vehicle down and the dyno will let you know.  Click HERE for video of a run from an overhead view (1.1 meg), or HERE for a view from the ground (1.4 meg).

Videos require DIVX 5 codec to play - info/download HERE.  Be sure to turn up your sound.

Before we got going, we decided to make things interesting.  We'd run a "bracket dyno" competition.  Each participant would put in $5, and the person closest to guessing their actual horsepower without guessing over took home the cash.

At the right is Chris T, who was the person who came the closest with his 95 SC2 he'd driven all the way from Massachusetts.





We were all anxious to see what kind of numbers Christena S's nitrous-powered SL2 would generate.  Unfortunately, she began experiencing alternator problems and wasn't able to complete a good run.

When it's a bunch of car guys and gals in a well-equipped shop, mechanical problems aren't all that much of a problem.  A quick trip to a local auto parts store supplied an alternator which was swapped out before the end of the day.


Mike N's VUE Red Line, and the group in front of Hahn's Ion.

Mike N had just purchased a 2004 VUE Red Line.  It was not a surprise that the Red Line was our group's best performer on the dyno, generating right around 200 horsepower.

At the end of the day, the shop did a few runs with their turbo'd Ion.  The sound of boost at high RPM in the enclosed shop sure sounds nice.  The Ion also produced about 200 horsepower at the wheels at 6 psi.

As the day wrapped up, we were on the road to South Haven, MI.


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